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The services we provide and environments we curate, help our coaches (Parents and Educators) & MVPs (child or young adult) manage cycles of neglect, anxiety, isolation, fear of judgement, aggression, and academic underachievement. Our clients learn strategies to transition them from being disenfranchised, broken, and alienated; to empowered, informed, resilient and INSPIRED.

Our Story

Joycelyn Way, MHS and Mylia’ Cole, MSW, are a dynamic duo of tenured professionals with an innate desire to elevate the academic and social experience of exceptional children ages 3-21 years old. Throughout their respective careers, there has been an underlying theme of resilience, advocacy and partnership in school and home environments. In February 2020, Joy and Mylia’ joined forces to create a fully immersive and comprehensive consulting firm that services the needs of exceptional children, their families and educators through Social Skills Groups, Play Dates, behavioral modification therapy and  parent/educator advocacy. With their skills, passion, resources and will to see their clients win; Joy and Mylia’ are the ideal captains of “The Team of US.”


Mylia’ Cole, MSW

Mylia’ Cole, MSW cultivated her desire to help others from an early age. Through a variety of volunteering and community activities, Mylia’ and her family worked to collectively foster a genuine yearning for the elevation and advocacy of all whom she encountered. Mylia’ gained an interest in urban education during an internship in college. Since then she has attained her Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree in Social work from Temple University. Combining her love for helping other and academic advocacy, Mylia’ shared her skills and mission as a field instructor with Temple University, New York University (NYU), Widener University and Kutztown University. Before devoting herself as a full-time therapist, Mylia’ was a school counselor in Philadelphia and New York City for six years.

Mylia’ credits her resilience, work ethic and professional fervor to her high school advisor, Ms. Christina  Sitterson Minecci and her college professor, Professor Sharon Webster. Mylia’ is intentional to align her personal experiences and professional resume to serve as an advocate and partner of the communities and families she serves.

While Mylia’ is a full-time career driven mom, she also serves as the Vice President and Development Chair of the Penn Christian Academy (PCA) school board. PCA is a private Christian school that serves/educates children preschool age through 8th grade.

Joycelyn Way, MHS

Joycelyn Way, MHS believes that “even broken crayons can still color.” Since the early stages of her life, she has had an innate affinity for helping those in need. During her early academic years, Joycelyn excelled as an advocate for her peers and administrators. Personally, considering herself to be a nontraditional student, Joycelyn’s diligence and will helped her overcome many academic obstacles to self-champion her academic success. Joycelyn would go on to pursue a career in Mental Health immediately after the completion of her Bachelor of Art in Social Relations (Cheyney University) and Masters in Human Services (Lincoln University).

Devoted to doing the most good, Joycelyn has devoted 16 years to the welfare, academic advocacy, family support and educator partnership on behalf of children and young adults. While investigating abuse and neglect cases, Joycelyn saw a disparity in resources, knowledge and educational support. As a result, she has devoted herself to creating programs and curriculums that provide insight, inspiration, and information for students, parents and educators alike.

In 2019, Joycelyn’s son was diagnosed with ADHD. Going through the stages of denial and feeling like she could handle his diagnosis on her own; she now has an even more personalized approach o meeting the needs of the community she services. Joycelyn combines her experiences, both professional and personal as well as her education to help your children reach their highest potential.


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