“Cultivating The Team Of Us”

Family Sense Consulting

Family Sense Consulting is a team

of child, parent and educator advocates that employs therapeutic behavioral modification to cultivate “The Team of Us”. Therapists Joycelyn Way, MHS and Mylia’ Cole, MSW, partner with exceptional children & adults ages 3-21 years; with identified levels of skill deficits. Through these partnerships, FSC reinforces parent, child, school accountability, helps build healthy relationships, confidence, self advocacy and independence.


Our Services

Family Sense Consulting | Services

Social Skills Groups

◦ 8-10 Week (Weekly 1 Hour Session)

◦ MVP Sessions can include: communication, anger management, coping skills &

strategies, emotional regulation and relationship building as well as bully prevention.



◦Membership or Per Class Service Structure

◦ Ages 3-12 ( In respective Group Allocations)

  • Guided and interactive themed activities designed to promote socialization.

Social Events

◦ Membership or Per Class Service Structure

◦ Ages 13-21 ( In respective group allocations)

Guided and interactive themed activities designed to promote socialization.


  • Parent Coaching
  • School Educator/Parent Engagement Training

 Partnership & Advocacy

  • Parental Liaison
  • Parent Support
  • School/Child Planning Relations

Steps To Protecting Children Training

Through the FSC we provide training helping minimizing opportunities by talking about it and recognizing the signs of abuse.

Parent and Educator Advocacy

At Home and School Settings.

Now Offering Virtual Playdates via Webcam



Mandee Freeland said

“To say I am thankful for the services we receive from key members of the Family Sense Consulting team is a huge understatement. 

My daughter’s team has been kind, warm, friendly and encouraging. They provide advocacy, supports, quality care and compassion for my daughter–ensuring she feels like an MVP. They have also been helpful in providing and teaching us strategies we can use at home to help aide our child with her challenges. This team has made a huge difference in her life and our lives. I will absolutely recommend them to any and all.”

(Current Parent)    

Allyshia Johnson, MBA said

“As a child, I struggled with accepting my sexual identity. I found myself too afraid to show others who I was and I felt like a disappointment to my family. This led me to a state of depression that if you would’ve  asked me then, I would say I could’ve never escaped. However, all this took a turn when I was introduced to a member of the Family Sense team. She provided me with assistance I never knew existed. From being a listening ear to walking me into my first LGBTQ meeting, my Family Sense therapist has pointed me in every direction that lead me to the woman I am today.”

    (former client)

Ty Walker said

“As a professional who has a demanding career, I encounter so many challenges with being a parent to my 8 year old son. Members of the Family Sense team have taken the time to guide me through recognizing that a customized plan to ensure I have a healthy approach during ever changing demands of my life. More recently my son struggled with behavioral issues which resulted in academic setbacks. Afterall, raising a child does not come with a book. Quite honestly, I feel as though one thing that stands true is that self-care as a mom has been the best approach in this program.

–,MBA Event Coordinator (Parent)


410 South Street

Philadelphia, Pa 19147


(484) 808-2062

Open Hours

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Holidays: Closed

additional time options are available by appt.